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  1. Following the adoption by the Chamber of Deputies of the new rules for the 2G+ system, people with a complete vaccination pattern of less than 180 days, those who have received a booster vaccination and those who have a recovery certificate are now exempt from the testing requirement under the CovidCheck 2G+ system.

  2. Following today's vote on bill no. 7943, the amended law of 17 July 2020 on measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic has been adapted on the following points.

  3. Because of the current epidemic wave and the threat of the omicron variant, the Government Council decided on 7 January 2022 to reduce the interval for the booster shot to 3 months after a two-dose vaccination (Moderna, BioNTech/Pfizer) and a "Mix & Match" vaccination (AstraZeneca in the 1st dose and ARN in the 2nd dose) and to open up the booster shot to teenagers aged 12 and over.

  4. In the context of the shortening of the time between the initial vaccination and the booster vaccination and taking into account an acceleration of the deliveries of vaccines, the government has decided to temporarily reopen, as from 10 January 2022, a fifth vaccination centre at Luxexpo The Box (Luxembourg-Kirchberg).

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