COVID-19 vaccination: 4th dose recommended for people aged 80 and over

Following the recommendations of the High Council for Infectious Diseases (CSMI) and in agreement with the EMA and ECDC, a 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccine may be administered to persons aged 80 years and over. The 4th dose is administered at an interval of at least 4 months after the booster dose. The vaccine product used for the 4th dose is an mRNA vaccine. This booster dose is intended to maintain a high level of vaccine protection for the individuals concerned to prevent infection, severe forms of the disease and death.

It shall be reminded that immunocompromised persons (organ or haematopoietic stem cell transplants, patients undergoing lymphopenic chemotherapy or immunosuppressive therapy, or those with primary immune deficiency) and patients on dialysis aged 18 years and over can get a 4th dose of vaccine. This should be done at the earliest 3 months after the last injection.

Booking an appointment

The people concerned will receive an invitation for vaccination from the Luxembourg Government by post, with detailed instructions on how to book an appointment at the vaccination centre Victor Hugo, with their physician or at a pharmacy.

The list of physicians and pharmacies participating in the vaccination campaign is available at

Personalised assistance is also offered through a hotline specifically set up for this purpose under the number (+352) 247-65533.

Press release by the Ministry of State / Ministry of Health

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