COVID-19: Modification of the data in the daily and weekly reports concerning the complementary dose (dose 3) of vaccination

In order to allow anyone interested to follow and analyse the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Luxembourg, the Ministry of Health publishes a daily report presenting the key statistical data in a clear and transparent way.

In order to improve the quality of the data submitted daily by the different actors in the field, changes have been made to some previously published data. Indeed, the vaccination strategy carried out in Luxembourg does not make it possible to maintain the same indicators as at the beginning of the pandemic because today, people who have received a complete vaccination pattern can receive an additional dose.

What is changing in the publication of data on the site

Since 12 January 2021, data on the number of COVID-19 vaccines administered, per day and in total since the start of vaccination (28 December 2020), have been included in the daily report. The information published on is aligned with this data.

The weekly report, published to provide a retrospective of the week and a comparison with the previous week, has also been modified to present vaccination data. Note that the weekly report presents the actual data after corrections and catch-ups, while the daily report reflects the raw and punctual situation of the previous day (D-1).

Recently, vaccination of vulnerable persons with an additional dose to the full 2-dose vaccine pattern has been arranged, as well as for those who received a full single-dose pattern with the Janssen® COVID-19 vaccine. The daily and weekly reports need to be updated with this data. The reallocation/reattribution of "dose 3" from the weekly report and "dose 2" from Janssen® vaccine to "complementary dose of COVID-19 vaccine to a full vaccination pattern" will result in a change (decrease) of approximately 3,500 doses 2 from the previously published figures.

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