Launch of phase 4 of the vaccination campaign

The first invitations to those covered by phase 4 of the vaccination campaign will be sent out this week (week 13).

As already announced, following the decision of the Government Council of 29 January, the people concerned are residents aged 65 - 69, starting with the oldest (phase 4a), as well as people who are moderately vulnerable due to a pre-existing health condition (phase 4b).

The diseases in this context are as follows:

  • Diabetes with or without insulin, with cardio-neurovascular complications
  • Complicated arterial hypertension with sequelae resulting from a stroke or associated heart disease
  • Neuromuscular disease with clinical repercussions

Booking an appointment

The people concerned by phase 4a, i.e. those between 65 and 69 years of age, will receive an invitation from the Ministry of Health by post, with detailed instructions on how to make an appointment in the vaccination centre of their choice. Personalised assistance is also offered through a hotline specifically set up for this purpose under the number (+352) 247-65533.

People considered moderately vulnerable as defined in phase 4b will be able to be registered for vaccination via their general practitioner or specialist doctor from 1 April and will then receive an invitation by post. ​

Invitations will be sent out as and when vaccines are delivered.

The Ministry of Health would like to remind people who fall into phase 2 or 3 because of their age, and who have not yet received an invitation to be vaccinated, to check their address in the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPP) via

Press release by the Ministry of Health

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